The Ta-Ta Towel is famously known to help sweat, sweat stains, discomfort, and skin rashes all resulting from a woman’s underboob.

Now, with Ta-Ta Towels, nursing mothers and women of the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas alike can rest assured that their pesky boob related irritants like sweat, leaking, and discomfort can be transformed into less irritant and more manageable problems.

The Ta-Ta Towel is vastly recognized for making their T.V. debut on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, but the company itself has been long in the making and women all over the country have praised the Ta-Ta Towel and the ease that it can give to an important part of a woman’s body.

To the surprise of the owner and founder, Erin Robertson, what once started as a cry for a cure to help dry up traveling boob sweat while getting ready quickly turned into something much more.

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While the Ta-Ta Towel is known by mothers and women alike to help a variety of problems relating to the lovely, but pesky underboob, the towel is also known to be great in easing nursing or breastfeeding mothers.

What sets Ta-Ta Towels apart from the rest is the modal fabric and quality cotton blends that are used to help contain milk leakage, they’re nonirritating and the absorb moisture, thus creating a bit easier and less messy time when nursing.

Customer Joannah exclaims, “The comfiest my girls have ever felt! Since having a kid and nursing, my "girls" have hung a lot lower than before. The overlapping skin has been problematic between sweat, chafing, etc. The Ta-Ta towel gets right in between there with the SOFTEST fabric I've ever felt!”

Officials report, that women and mothers all around the country can not only look sexy, but they can be comfortable with the help of Ta-Ta Towels.

In addition, there is no restriction to these towels. Nursing and non-nursing customers can wear the Ta-Ta Towel all day and all night if that is what their boobs desire. Women are encouraged to make the Ta-Ta Towel their breast best friend!

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