The Ta-Ta Towel was one woman’s idea to prevent the travel of boob-sweat while getting ready and quickly transcended into a solution and prevention tool used by women across the country to help a variety of other ta-ta related issues.

The Los Angeles born Ta-Ta Towels made their national debut on T.V. back in 2018 when they presented their business in front of ABC’s own Shark Tank. 

The Ta-Ta Towels are locally manufactured by women happily joined together giving ta-tas around the country the support they’ve always needed. 

"From one person hand sewing orders to full scale production that remains local and responsible. We aren't just in the business of selling a product, we are creating a family." - Erin Robinson, Creator & Founder of Ta-Ta Towels, LLC

With the invention of these creatively patented towels women around the Santa Clarita Valley and other areas across the country can now leave their worries in the towel and care less about the troubling irritants that can come along with being well endowed.

The Ta-Ta Towel can help prevent a variety of boob related irritants that include: breastfeeding spills, boob sweat and underboob rashes.

While the Ta-Ta Towel can help ease common issues like boob sweat and underboob rashes, the towel can also be wonderful loungewear. The creator and founder of the Ta-Ta Towel Erin Robertson revels, “Whether at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs’ new breast friend.”

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