Ta-Ta Towels, an anti-“boob sweat” towel bra, hasn’t always been the internet sensation they are today, so let’s look back on the revolutionary product’s journey from humble beginnings to smash hit.

Erin Robertson, creator of Ta-Ta Towels, was working a thankless job when she was struck with a sudden inspiration. The idea was prompted by a sweaty evening of getting ready for a summertime date with a busted A/C.

After contemplating various ways she could stop boob sweat while still letting her “girls” be “free” from a restrictive traditional bra, Ta-Ta Towels came to life. Robertson started out by watching videos online teaching viewers how to sew, and started making the towel bras in her living room.

Over the next year, 1.1 million Ta-Ta Towels were sold online, and Robertson found herself pitching her product to a panel of “Sharks” on the ABC show “Shark Tank” in 2018 in hopes of a business deal. 

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“It’s been life-changing,” Robertson said during the episode. “Right before this happened, I had been a personal assistant for 13 years -- hated my life. It was a really difficult job, so I quit and I was making all of these in my living room.”

Samples of the Ta-Ta Towels were handed out to the judges -- including a set of oranges for Kevin O’Leary so he could experience “how it really feels,” bringing laughter into the room -- and then Robertson got serious for her pitch.

She impressed the Sharks with her sales and profit stats, pointing out that it cost her only $24 to make the Ta-Ta Towels, yet she was selling them at the time for $45, along with a special maternity collection for $55.

“You’ve got to be just crushing it, rolling in the dough right now,” Mark Cuban told her in response. 

“You’re amazing -- wow,” added Robert Herjavec. 

In the end, Robertson accepted a deal from Lori Greiner: $200,000 for a 40 percent stake in the business, according to CNBC.

Skip ahead to today, and Ta-Ta Towels are now available in almost 20 different designs and patterns at an even more affordable price of $29.99, with a new line of Testie Towels also on sale “for the full package in your life.”

“From sweat stains to discomfort to skin rashes and more, boob sweat has inconvenienced women forever,” officials said. “Ta-Ta Towels are perfect for nursing/breastfeeding, combating boob sweat or just lounging around. Look sexy and be comfortable with Ta-Ta Towels.”

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