With nursing can come challenges like discomfort, irritation and sagging, but nursing mothers can turn to Ta-Ta Towels for comfort and relief.

A one-of-a-kind towel bra created to provide comfortable chest support and even stop boob sweat, Ta-Ta Towels are made from a stretch terrycloth and the highest quality cotton.

In an online testimonial, a new mother named Joannah C. noted that issues like chafing and boob sweat had plagued her before she discovered Ta-Ta Towels.

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“Since having a kid and nursing, my ‘girls’ have hung a lot lower than before,” she said. “The overlapping skin has been problematic.”

However, with the help of Ta-Ta Towels, Joannah’s comfort level in regards to her chest has seen a significant increase.

“The Ta-Ta Towel gets right in between there with the softest fabric,” she said. “The most comfy my girls have ever felt.”

Rather than dealing with complex nursing bras or spending money on special nursing shirts to only wear them around the house, Ta-Ta Towels also provide quick and easy access for mother and baby during those frequent breastfeeding or pumping sessions.

As seen on “Shark Tank” on ABC, Ta-Ta Towels are available in a number of sizes from 30C to 46J, and customers can choose from almost 20 patterns for an everyday price of $29.99 and clearance price of just $22.

But Ta-Ta Towels aren’t just for nursing mothers, as women nationwide are jumping at the opportunity to stop boob sweat and enjoy unmatched comfort and support while keeping their sexy look.

“Ta-Ta Towels are perfect for nursing/breastfeeding, combating boob sweat or just lounging around,” said company officials. “Look sexy and be comfortable with Ta-Ta Towels.”

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