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Desert Bloom
Desert Bloom

Ta-Ta Towels

Desert Bloom


The fabric is made from the highest quality cotton and Modal blends I can get my hands on. I search high and low for the softest fabrics I can find - because our "girls" deserve the best!

All Ta-Ta Towel are reversible. All patterns and colors are limited.

Fiber Content

Navy Floral Liner: 96% Rayon 4% Spandex

Navy Terrycloth: 80% SIRO Micromodal 20% Polyester

Modal Fabric Fun Facts:

  • Modal is hypoallergenic, so no rashes or irritations.
  • Does not trap perspiration or odors.
  • Is up to 50% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Is known for its soft texture and silky appearance
  • Is an eco-friendly natural fabric made of breech trees which requires much less water to produce than cotton and organic cotton.
  • Is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber. Modal fabric is made by spinning cellulose that has been reconstituted from trees.
  • Most commonly used fabric for underwear and pajamas due to its ultra soft texture.
  • It’s VEGAN!

WARNING: Ta-Ta Towels are a halter-style lounge bra that goes around the back of your neck. If you have any neck issues or discomfort when wearing halter-style type apparel then we suggest not purchasing a Ta-Ta Towel. 


Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom