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Ta-Ta Towels

Pool Party Bundle


This bundle includes 3 towels total, 1 of each of the following: Flamingo, Blue Lagoon and Sage Yourself.

The fabric is made from the highest quality cotton blends I can get my hands on. I search high and low for the softest fabrics I can find - because our "girls" deserve the best!

All Ta-Ta Towel patterns and colors are limited. 

Fiber Content

Pink, Sage, and Blue Liner: 100% Modal

Pink, Sage, and Blue: Terrycloth: 80% SIRO Micromodal 20% Polyester

WARNING: Ta-Ta Towels are a halter-style lounge bra that goes around the back of your neck. If you have any neck issues or discomfort when wearing halter-style type apparel then we suggest not purchasing a Ta-Ta Towel. 


Pool Party Bundle

Pool Party Bundle